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When it comes to legal prospect of registering a company Private limited company registration in Delhi is the most popular type of registration and is regulated in accordance to the companies act 2013 which is under the Ministry of Corporate affairs. So, in here you will get to know the brief about the details involved in Private limited company registration in Delhi registration. A private limited company holds directors not partners. It is executed on the basis of shares and accordingly the directors exist. Minimum two directors are required for registering a Private Limited firm which can later increase.

Documents required for Private limited company registration in Delhi

  1. Pan Card of the Directors
  2. Address proof of the directors
  3. Residential proof of the directors
  4. In case if the director is a foreign national then passport is required.
  5. Official proof of the registered office is required it is essential while filling the registration form.
  6. MOA (Memorandum of Association) and AOA (Article of Association) which highlights the percentage of shares and authorization details.
  7. DIN and digital signature certificate which is registered and verified by CA or CS. Accordingly the process of Private limited company registration in Delhi is proceeded.

Procedure for Private limited company registration in Delhi

While applying for a Private limited company registration in Delhi you need to have the following documents its only then that you can proceed for registering your firm.

  1. Along with the DSC and DIN you need to file AOA and MOA. It is an online process but you need to have the documents verified from CS and CA which will be a benefit if you are in touch with PKG consultancy as you do not need to worry about the extra burden.
  2. You need to register the name of your company for which filling of e-Form INC is required. That will be provided to you by your consultant.
  3. Certificate of incorporation is required under which the AOA and MOA along with the above specified documents are compulsory.
  4. Utility bills of your company and finally you can proceed for the registration of your company.

Advantages of Private limited company registration in Delhi

  • The finances of the company are totally different from that of the owner
  • You can protect your personal liabilities from that of your partner.
  • You can easily borrow money from the market without any personal risk.
  • The lifetime of a Private limited company registration in Delhi is lifetime.
  • It has lower corporation tax and you get to enjoy the benefits of tax.

Disadvantages of Private limited company registration in Delhi

  • You need to have annual meetings wherein you will have to follow the formalities.
  • The setup cost is comparatively high in comparison to a proprietor firm
  • Annual Fees is required and you need to abide by the obligation as per companies’ act.
  • The compliances are quite high.

So now you know the details involved in Private limited company registration in Delhi for any further query you can write to us and have us backing you up.

A Private Limited Company is the most common and popular business entity in India. Private Limited Company is registered / incorporated as per companies act 2013 and the rules made there under.





  1. There is no limitation for starting company i.e minimum one person required to start a company

  2. Easy to start.

  3. Limited Liability for Members.

  4. More Credibility as Compare to others.

  5. Easily raise funds from Investors.



  1. Statutory Compliance are High.

  2. High Setup Cost as Compare to Others.

  3. Restricted to transfer of the shares.

  4. Maximum number of members 200.


Requirements of Documents or others : 

  1. Minimum one Person as director.

  2. No Minimum Capital.

  3. DIN of Directors.

  4. Digital Signature of Directors.

  5. Address Proof of the company.

  6. Two color Photo of Director.

  7. Pan Card of the Proposed Director.

  8. Address Proof of Proposed Director.

  9. Signature on the DSC form and other relevant documents.

Steps Taken for Register a Private Limited Company :

  1. Application for Director Identification Number (DIN) in form DIR-3 & DSC (Digital Signature Certificate).

  2. Search for the Company Name availability.

  3. Application for the Name availability.

  4. Drafting of Memorandum of Association (MOA) & Articles of Association (AOA).

  5. Filing of e-forms with RoC (Registrar of Companies).

  6. Payment of RoC Fees & Stamp Duty.

  7. Verification of documents / forms by RoC.

  8. Issue of Certificate of Incorporation by RoC.