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If you are willing to know about NGO REGISTRATION IN DELHI and wish to know how to run an NGO and initiate with the process. You can get to know the minute details here. NGO REGISTRATION IN DELHI and effectively running an NGO is similar to running a company but the simplified difference between the two is that NGO is a non-profit organisation and runs absolutely in a transparent manner. So you need to muster the requirements before proceeding for NGO REGISTRATION IN DELHI. And in here we are going to consolidate the requirements-

Basic requirements before the process of NGO REGISTRATION IN DELHI

You need to analyse the purpose behind forming an NGO and draft a proper mission and vision plan behind your thought. The values of NGO REGISTRATION IN DELHI should reflect the framework of your execution and your task.


You need to know the applicable laws and act involved in NGO REGISTRATION IN DELHI. Each state has its own rule for trust and society registration when it comes to NGO registration. The centralised body which regulates the work of NGO is “Niti Aayog”. It is registered under the Form 8 of companies act hence the Memorandum and by laws are required to be brief. The details of the Memorandum are provided by consultation since the draft is absolutely customised.


The setup for NGO registration is brief so you need to fulfil each and every detail which is required. For the same you can prepare it yourself if you have a legal person with you or preferable you should align with a consultancy. For the same you can get in touch with PKG Consultancy as they are aware of each and every detail involved in NGO REGISTRATION IN DELHI.


To fulfil the legal drafts required for registration you need to have the following documents-

  • NGO Registration
  • Requirements of registration explanation along with the proposed name of registration.
  • Required Article of Incorporation Memorandum.
  • Finalise the objective of NGO REGISTRATION IN DELHI.
  • Preparation of documentation for registration.
  • Legal consulting for verification of the documents prior to submission.
  • Appropriate Bylaws clearly drafted.

So now you know the basic things you need to have for NGO REGISTRATION IN DELHI. But you do not have to worry for the details. All you have to do is opt for our consultation and we will be happy to help.

NGO includes,  Trust, Society and Nonprofit Company. NGO registration is an initial stage to work and move towards Social Service Sector.

Trust :

A trust is an agreement between people (called trustees) to manage property over which they have control either to benefit other people (called beneficiaries) or for charitable purposes. A groups of trustees may be incorporated as a board under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 if the objects are charitable.

Some common characteristics of trusts incorporated under the Charitable Trust Act 1957 are :

  1. At least two trustees is required for Trust.

  2. Must have charitable purposes;

  3. set up under a trust deed which outlines how it operates;

List of documents required to register a charitable trust.

  1. Original Trust Deed or a certified copy.

  2. Application for Incorporation of Trustees as a Board The application must be signed by the majority of trustees.

  3. Statutory Declaration. The statutory declaration states: whether any Trustees hold any property as trustees for other trusts; that at a meeting of the Trust a resolution was passed approving incorporation; and that the person making the Declaration has been approved by the Trustees to make it.

  4. You also need to provide the Companies Office with a registered office. Your registered address must be a street address. A postal address may be provided in addition to this.


A society is an organized group of persons whose main objective is to serve society and not to earn a profit. A society is registered under The Societies Registration Act, 1860 to become a legal entity. A society exists for the purpose of charitable activities such as poverty relief, arts, education, religion, cultures and sports. The Governing body members are entrusted with the management of the affairs of the society. Whereas, the General Body member’s duties include the election of governing body members, alteration of rules and regulations, name and objects,if necessary. A foreigner can also become a society member in India.

Documents required to register a society

The documents are vary from state to state. However generally along with the  application form the following documents need to submit;

  1. Minimum seven members.
  2. Memorandum of association and rules and regulations.

  3. Consent letters of all members of the managing committee.

  4. Authority letter duly signed by all members.

  5. Affidavit by the president/secretary

  6.  Declaration by the members of the managing committee.