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Are you looking for CA FIRM IN KALKAJI ? What is your area of interest? Looking for CA SERVICES IN SOUTH DELHI for registration or accounting? PKG Consultancy provides a banner for CA FIRM IN KALKAJI. The service providers have availability of the perfect blends of minds when it comes to CA SERVICES IN SOUTH DELHI. The charter accountants available at our end are ICAI certified and have brief idea over the various case studies relating to companies act and corporate law.

What is imparted by CA SERVICES IN SOUTH DELHI ?

When it comes to services sector our assistance is wide. You can gain our consultation by visiting our office as we are registered as CA FIRM IN KALKAJI. You can even place your enquiry online. We can provide assistance for-

  • Services relating to Tax- Our CA SERVICES IN SOUTH DELHI can assist you with tax management, service tax, international tax planning and other direct and indirect tax. We provide consultation for ways you can save your tax.

  • Accounting Services- If you seek assistance for book-keeping, MIS, Accounting System Design, Payroll, receivable accounts etc. You can get in touch with us and all your queries will be answered at one stop.

  • Assurance Services and Auditing- Preparing the appropriate audit report is necessary if you wish to develop your firm. AS a CA FIRM IN KALKAJI you can get in touch with us for Internal Audit preparation, Audit Management, Statutory Audit and even review of Due Diligence.

  • Opening a business in India- If you wish to establish a business in India you will definitely need our CA SERVICES IN SOUTH DELHI since registration certificates seek approval from a Chartered Accountant and apart from it, you will have to take their assistance for your accounting needs.

  • Consultation Services- If you are an NRI and wish to know the accounting details of the country you can get in touch with PKG Consultancy. If you are a foreign entity and wish to open a branch or franchise in India, you can get in touch with us as we will voyage you through the involved compliances and details.

  • Corporate Matters- It does not matter if you have a trust or a stabilised business our CA SERVICES IN SOUTH DELHI will direct you towards STPI Registration, Statutory records maintain, NGO approval, Incorporation certificate of company etc.

  • NRI Services- If you are an NRI and are looking for filing your returns or you wish to obtain PAN or any other necessary Indian Document our consultation services will be helpful for you.

Hence, it does not matter what your requirement is. Our services are so vivid that you will get all the solutions under one banner and will not have to loiter. Moreover, our filing details are transparent and absolutely correct since we believe in smart yet error free work. So get in touch with us. You can reach out to us as we are CA FIRM IN KALKAJI for the same-

  1. Visit our registered website.
  2. Fill the Contact Us form.
  3. Quote your request and we will get in touch with you

So what are you waiting for? Get our CA SERVICES IN SOUTH DELHI as we are right at your end.

We have associated with lot of professional including Chartered accounts for supporting and guiding our clients. The types of functions generally performed by the Chartered Accountant are varied. You  can avail the following services from our panel of Chartered Accountants:

  1. 1.Auditing

Auditing is one of the most important functions of a Chartered Accountant. The purpose of auditing is to satisfy the users of financial statements that the accounts presented to them are drawn up on correct accounting principles and that they represent a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the organization. Auditing includes:

  1. Statutory Audit : Involves Statutory audit of Companies, Tax audit etc.

  2. Internal Audit : The Focus of Internal audit is to ensure strong internal control systems to minimize the risk of accidental or deliberate errors and omissions. In this regard, we are helping our clients by conducting fixed asset audit, due diligence audit, expense verification etc. Safeguarding of assets, adequate division of authority over key control areas and compliance with internal operating policies and guidelines are other focus areas.

  3. Tax Audit : To prepare report in Form 3CA/3CB including annexure in Form 3CD as per Section 44AB of the Income-Tax Act

  4. Process / Transaction : A process audit is an examination of results to determine whether the activities, resources and behaviors that cause them are being managed efficiently and effectively.

  5. Management Audit : For assessing  the systems, methods and policies followed by an entity’s management in administrational areas and the use of resources, tactical and strategic planning, and employee and organizational improvement.

  6. Investigation : Investigation audit  is carried out when a lapse already exists in an organization in order to pin point the reason and person involved in it so that responsibility for such lapse could be fixed

  7. Due Diligence : We are assisting our  clients in conducting financial, legal and accounting reviews in case of mergers, acquisitions and investments. A sound understanding of local laws, regulations and accounting practices enables us to vet all critical issues in detail.
  1. 2.Taxation

Taxation being a highly specialized area requires skills relating to tax planning, documentation and representations. We provide under-mentioned services to our clients:

Tax Audit : In the case of those business concerns who are compulsorily required to get his accounts audited under the Income-Tax law, Tax audit service is required.

Preparation of tax returns for Individuals, Firms, NRI's, Foreign Nationals, Companies etc.

  1. 3.Representing clients and appearing before various authorities which includes;

a.  Assessing Officer

b.  Appellate Authorities

c.  Tribunal

  1. 4.Tax Planning Services - Personal and Corporate.
  1. 5.Companies Secretarial Work

In a well organised company or group of companies, the Secretary is a man with a professional qualification (often a Chartered Accountant) who, in addition to his multifarious other duties, is an important link in the management chain. The continued growth of limited companies enables the professional accountants to offer secretarial services to small companies, many of which are being virtually run by a few individuals who are unable to afford a full-time secretary.